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Gold is where you find it, but rocks and minerals abound!


Monthly outing to the claim in Johnnie and General Meeting
The next outing to the claim in Johnnie and monthly meeting will be announced pending resolution of the Coronavirus in Nevada.  We will keep everyone informed of the Governor of Nevada's restrictions on business closures and travel as necessary.  See "Resolutions of the Board of Directors" below.


Outings and Events


FIELD TRIP -  Cancellation Notice

Stay tuned for our next planned rock-hunting trip.  Questions can be directed to Bruce Wingate:  (702) 752-9104

Volunteers are needed to work the Rock-N-Gold booth at all events.  Sign-up sheets are available at the monthly meetings.

  1. Whereas, group activities are restricted by the State of Nevada as to the number of participants and require wearing masks and social distancing due to COVID-19, and the Ruud Community Center is unavailable for meetings at least through the end of this calendar year, the ROCK-N-GOLD Board of Directors has adopted the following resolutions.
  2. RESOLVED, That all provisions of the BYLAWS pertaining to having or scheduling meetings (general, annual, or special, including the Holiday Party) are temporarily suspended until the Board determines that such can be resumed safely and in compliance with the requirements of the State of Nevada but not earlier than January 2021;
  3. RESOLVED, That the BYLAW requirements regarding the Election Process is suspended for 2020 and the current officers shall continue to serve until new officers are elected either through the normal process/schedule in 2021 or sooner through a special election should the general membership so desire;
  4. RESOLVED, That ROCK-N-GOLD will not organize or sponsor any field trips or outings and the Rock Shop will remain closed until after general membership meetings are resumed;
  5. RESOLVED, That all membership dues collected for calendar year 2020 will carry over for 2021;
  6. RESOLVED, That any and all BYLAW provisions requiring action, reports, audits, etc. on a periodic or annual basis are temporarily suspended until after the resumption of general membership meetings; and
  7. RESOLVED, That these resolutions are in effect immediately upon adoption by the ROCK-N-GOLD Board of Directors and will remain so until the Board determines that a normal meeting schedule can be resumed in 2021.


The Bylaws for Rock-N-Gold are now posted on the website.  A link is available in the header above.  Please read the Bylaws and send any questions or concerns to President Don Arnold,

Nye Gold Seekers officially voted to merge with the Pahrump Valley Rock Hounds at the business meeting prior to the Holiday Party on December 13, 2019.  The name for the merged organization was discussed at the first joint meeting on Monday, January 13, 2020.  Motions were made and voted on to be Rock-N-Gold.  Officers voted to serve in 2020 are:

President: Don Arnold
Vice President: Larry Tobey
Secretary: Carol McGovern  (replaced by Don Gockel on March 9, 2020)
Treasurer: CJ Stevens  (replaced by Jane Goodrow in March, 2020)

Annual dues for membership in the new organization are $36.00 for a household membership which includes access to the placer gold mining claim in Johnnie, access to the Rock Shop and all rock trips.  Members who do not want access to the claim and use of gold prospecting equipment, but only to the Rock Shop and trips, pay $10.00 for an individual or $15.00 for a household membership annually.  Dues are collected in January of each year.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Bob Ruud Community Center, 150 Rte. 160 (at the intersection of Basin Avenue).

Volunteers are always needed to serve on the Board of Directors.  If interested, please reply to Don Arnold at


Rock Shop Information

   Location: Contact Paula Noot (701) 320-8836 or one of the volunteers below:

                    Tuesday       1:00 pm  -  3:00 pm      (775) 537-9369      Nikki Roach
                    Wednesday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm     (206) 341-9565      Tom Edwards
                    Thursday      1:00 pm  3:00 pm      (801) 920-8563      Dennis Twitchell

Please call the day before to make appointment with the volunteer person working at the shop the day you wish to go.  Members must show proof of membership (eg. membership card, membership payment receipt, or vehicle placard) to use the rock shop.  There is a nominal fee per hour to use the equipment, it helps off set the rent per month.

Also, all grit is stored at Paula’s house so, if you wish to buy grit, call her at (701) 320-8836 and arrange pick up or delivery.  Paula is also working at the rock shop on flexible hours so she can also be called.

  60      $2 per pound
120      $2 per pound
400      $4 per pound
600      $4 per pound
Polish   $5 per pound


A definition of Specific Gravity with a chart of various minerals, including gold, can be viewed HERE.


Rock-N-Gold household members can go to the claim in Johnnie whenever they would like.  But it is recommended that at least one other member goes along to the claim in case of an emergency.  Always carry plenty of water and be aware that snakes might be present in the area.  A list of items suggested to take with you to the claim is available HERE.  Also, please make sure to keep your membership ID card with you.


A poker chip, with a gold nugget attached, is available for purchase by special order through Monty Duarte (phone: (925) 783-1565).  The poker chip can be used to check the effectiveness of a metal detector in picking up gold.  The price of the poker chip is $10.00 for members and $12.00 for non-members.  Choose between one with a hole for use with a lanyard or one without a hole.


Prospecting equipment owned by Rock-N-Gold is available for members to borrow for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time.

Click HERE for a complete list 

Members who are interested in borrowing equipment can call Monty Duarte at 925-783-1565 for details.  Contact Monty at least 4 days before needing to use the rock crusher.  He will reserve it and prepare it for use at his house.  There is a 4 bucket limit per reservation.  Please note that the borrower is responsible to return borrowed items in the same condition as received.  Damaged or lost items must be replaced at the borrower's expense.  Damaged items may be repaired (with approval from Monty) at the borrower's expense.


Following are links for downloading Google Earth Pro and overlays of the Nevada Geologic map, Nevada Mining, and Nevada Topographic maps:

Google Earth Pro:

Nevada mineral mines overlay:

Nevada geological map overlay:

Nevada topographic map overlay for Google Earth Pro  (download to your chosen directory)

For instructions on how to use the overlays, a PowerPoint presentation from January 20, 2018 can be downloaded HERE.


General Information  (

PRESIDENT:  Don Arnold        

P.O. Box 1056                                     

Pahrump, NV 89041                         


Monthly Activities

Group Outing 2nd Saturday of the month

Claim in Johnnie    Call Monty Duarte for directions: (925) 783-1565

     (Click here for a photo of the claim marker)

Monthly Meeting 2nd Monday of the month                                

Bob Ruud Community Center

150 Hwy. 160 at Basin Avenue intersection                                                              

Pahrump, NV 89060                                                                                                                 

Meeting Time: 6:00 p.m. (No meetings in June, July and August)

E-mail:  (Don Arnold)


Membership Form

A link for the Rock-N-Gold membership form is available on the menu bar at the top of the page.  The membership fee for new household members, with access to the gold claim, is $36.00.  Membership fees for those who do not want access to the gold claim and use of gold prospecting equipment are $10.00 for an individual or $15.00 for a household.  Benefits of membership include use of Rock Shop equipment such as tumblers, saws, grinding wheels, etc.  Members who wish to upgrade their membership to include access to the gold claim and use of gold prospecting equipment will pay the difference between the current membership fee and $36.00.  Membership renewal fees, at the posted rates, are payable in January of each year.  

New Member Information

New member packets and membership cards are available for pick up at each meeting of Rock-N-Gold.

 If you're just learning about gold prospecting, or even if you are experienced and want to learn more, there is an e-book available for purchase on entitled, "The Essential Introduction for New Gold Prospectors - 2nd  Edition" by Tim Rapp.  The cost is only $9.99 and it is worth every penny. The e-book can be downloaded to a desktop computer or a portable device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) for use anywhere.

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